Need to limit a dim level to a max of 90%


I am needing to limit a dim level to a max of 90%.
The reason being is when the lights are between 91-100% they flicker.
If I can cap the dim level to a max of 90% we are all good.

The details are as follows:-
Dimmer: Aeotec Z-Wave Nano Dimmer (ZW111)
Trigger: Momentary Push Button (Press and hold to ramp up or down).
Controller: Vera Edge

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Set Parameter 132 (maximum brightness level) to 90 and it should achieve what you like under Device Options.

I found this guide good when I had to

Check configuration parameters settings in the manual.
Most dimmers have ability to define minimum and maximum dimming levels

Sidetracking a bit here…

I had another question which vera support seems to be clueless about ( it’s been months now that they’ve been requesting access to my node and faffing around before telling me something utterly useless).

I have some dimmers which - when set to 50% slider value have a RL brightness of 100%. Sliding it from 50-100 basically does nothing for the actual brightness of the dimmer, past 50% it’s as bright as it will ever get. The brightness is fine, 50% is ‘full bright’.
But since now half the slider is useless, it starts to get a bit odd when you want a value between that…

For instance 30% is about ‘half bright’ and to achieve a ‘dim’ setting you end up messing around the 7-10% range. This makes it exceptionally odd when paired with Alex and you start asking for ‘Alexa, dim the lights to 15%… nope. Alexa, dim the lights to 10%, still not quite right: Alexa dim the lights to 7%’… Okay, I can live with that.

It seems to me like the ‘gain’ or whatever you wanna call it, on the switches is set too high. D’you know of a parameter which alters ‘how much a slider value sets the load’ ?

You really need to state the make/model of dimmer if you want specialised help in this.
It also might help to start a new thread so as not to pollute the subject of this one.

That said.

Not all dimmers are created equal, as every manufacturer has there own parameter settings and FW, without that knowledge then we, like support are just postulating about possible causes.
IIRC others had similar problems with old (Gen3) Z-wave Dimmers that exhibited that kind of behaviour.
A search will point you in the right direction.