Need to "disconnect" and "reconnect" often?

For some reason, I’m finding that fairly often my Vera app on my iPhone for my new Ezlo Plus need to be disconnected and re-connected before anything will “work”. I just now tried to turn on our back porch light with the app, and the indication looks like it did it. But it didn’t. The app looked like it did, but it didn’t. I then went to the “My Controllers” tab which disconnected the Ezlo then re-selected it, and then it worked just fine.

Do we need to always disconnect and re-connect when we want to access or Ezlo on the Vera app? I’m way too new at this, so am looking for the steps that are needed to accomplish tasks, especially when the go different from expectations.

Thank you for any guidance.

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I have included this in the Zendesk ticket I created for you (245156). Please keep an eye on your email’s inbox.

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