Need some PLEG help please

I need some help with an PLEG issue. I got the device triggers, conditions and actions set up but I can’t figger out the timers

What the goal is the have 2 motion sensors turn on 3 lights when the LUX is lower than 40lux.
Then check if there is still motion every ten minutes and if so keeps the lights on. If not turn it off.

Using the fibaro build in option turn off when no motion does not work so i want use PLEG.
I heard that with PLEG u have the option to set an timer and reset that timer everytime motion is seen.
Anybody got an idea?

(I found the PLEG manual but this is the old GUI)

Input Trigger:
Dark Lux < 40
Motion1 Motion1 Sensor Tripped
Motion2 Motion2 Sensor Tripped

Input Timer
MotionDelay (On SelfRetrigger, Off - Interval 15:00 Minutes)

LightsOn (Motion1 or Motion2) and Dark
LightsOff (LightsOn; !MotionDelay)

LightsOn - Turn On Lights
Select PLEG Device, Action is StartTimer, TimerNameis MotionDelay
LightsOff - Turn Off Lights

Many Thanks RichardTSchaefer

It works like a charm.

One more question, how can I make sure this runs only in home mode and not in night mode?

Add triggers for the different modes and then add the trigger for home mode to the list of requirements to trigger the action.

Got it !!!
Thanks all

Did you get it working the way you want it???

Yes and no.

I got the PLEG to work
The lights go on when entering the kitchen but somehow the lights will turn off even if 3 people are in the kitchen.
I removed the LUX value because i thought maby when the lights are on the LUX value is higher then 40 because of the lights are on.
So now all I have is 2 sensors see motion lights turn on and timer starts.
Then It should reset everytime motion is seen but still the lights turn off even if there are people.

So yes it works with the on option but the keep it on is not working fine yet.

Any ideas?
I added the logic report for more info

If you have a battery operated motion sensor … then it provides a
MOTION event when the first motion happens. Internal to the device it starts a timer … for N seconds (often around 300)
If there is any motion during that time … it extends the timer.
Only when the timer expires do you get a NOT MOTION Event.
You will NOT get another MOTION event while this timer is going.

If you have a party in a room from 8:00 - 12:00   you might get a MOTION at  8:00 and a NOT MOTION after 12:00 and that's it.
By lowering the value to 30 seconds ... if there is any activity for 30 seconds ... you will get a NOT MOTION followed by another MOTION event when there is more activity.

For PLEG you should start the PLEG timer on the !MOTION event. You should also set the parameters on your motion sensor to lower this delay to around 30 seconds.

I do have 2 battery operated motion sensors 2x Fibaro

But is it so that everytime motion is seen by on of the sensors the timer is reset at 15.00 minuts
And only when te timer runs out it sents and NoMotion event ?

I got alle parameters now on very sensitive and the “Blind time” to as low as possible.
Let’s see what happens