Need some help getting ProgramLogic installed


I’ve installed the 3 different Logic plugins, all version 2.9.

The thing is that when I go into the Conditions on the Timer Switch plugin, I get the following message ‘You must also install the program logic core plugin’

Wondering if this is normal?


Try refreshing the browser window …


:blush: That was it, works now.

Now I will head onto trying to use it for some cool stuff :slight_smile:

Thanks alot.


When ever you change the configuration for Vera (Not just the PL Plugins, but anytime you Add/Delete/Update a plugin, Add/Delete a device)

It’s always best to do the following:

[ul][li]Restart Vera
Vera does not provide the plugins an event that let’s them know things have changed.
Sometimes they need a restart to notice.[/li]
[li]Reload your Browser
Vera Caches data in the browser.
Sometimes the data is old … and needs to be reloaded to get a fresh set of data.[/li][/ul]