Need plugin for Blue Connect Plus Smart

Blue Connect Plus Smart

Well if Vera had provided IFTTT like they promised then it wouldn’t be a problem.
Another Vera promise that hasn’t materialised…

Interesting device. It connects to the cloud through a cellular network and is setup by BLE, by passing wifi and the local network. For a pool monitoring, it seems a bit overkill. It is the first I see which connects this way and another one of these cloud for the sake or being cloud devices where the cloud adds no clear value like most of what can be seen on IFTTT.

Not the first one built like this. See FlIPR, there’s also a plug-in by @amg0
I’m not sure they’re compatible.

This is on my short list, since monitoring the chemicals is a thing I don’t like to do in the summer. It’s been pushed to me since my pool come from their group.

There’s a plug-in for home assistant and in theory you should be able to include it, but YMMV

SigFox is starting to be a thing here in Europe, because it enables to reach a network when device is outside Wifi. I get why they go with this route, but since BlueConnect has also a WiFi gateway to convert to WiFi if SigFox has no network coverage, maybe a local api could have been a good idea.

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@therealdb is this still on your shortlist?

oh yes, but it’s still pending. My pool is outside, so even if the weather in South Italy is lovely compared to Nordics, I’ll reopen the pool in May. I hope they’ll invent something better, because I’m not a fan of changing the sensors every two years.