Need LUPP code to trigger notification if lock is opened for more than 5 mins

Hi All,

Can you please suggest me a LUPP code to trigger a notification event, if the Kwikset Door Lock / Garage Door Opener is opened for more than 5 Mins. Thanks.

Not sure how to do that in luup. It is a snap using the PLEG app though. Best $6 you can spend on home automation.


Download the “countdown timer” app. Create a countdown with the duration of 300 Seconds.

Create a scene, which restarts the timer when your lock is opened. Create another scene, that cancels the timer if the lock is closed.

Create a third scene, that launches, when the timer finishes.

the countdown app is really useful. I use it to control the lights with different durations in case of night and home mode.

I can’t understand why everyone seems to want to code Luup to do every little thing. Seems to me like they’d embrace PLEG and the rest of the plug ins that make all of this stuff so easy…

Hi physiker123,

Your solution worked great… Thanks for the great tip with the “countdown timer” plugin.