Need help with SQ blaster set-up

I can’t get my IR devices appear in the Vera UI. I have tried the following:

  1. Make sure SQ blaster works.
  2. Install the SQ blaster plugin on Vera, I see the plugin and 4 aux devices.
  3. Get the configuration zipfile from SQ blaster and extract required XML file for my TV.
  4. I modified this XML file (with the help of this forum) to an i_dev.xml and an d_dev.xml file.
  5. I have uploaded both files to my vera.
  6. Create a new device, filled out the name, and both XML files.
  7. The device appears in the Vera UI now. I then set “SQ Blaster Plugin” as the parent of this newly created device.
  8. Reload the UI and the device is gone… cleaning browser cache, retry, same problem.

How to solve this problem?

Hi Kariem,

I never tried to use the blaster with vera, instead I use the vera with SQRemote. But this requires iOS devices to install the SQRemote on.
So what I do is to trigger Scenes and IR from by iPad/iPhone not start a scene on Vera which involves IR on the Blaster.
I hope you understand what I mean.
If you need any more help, I will try to.

What you want to do is possible, i have done it, but it is very long winded and complicated (at least for me it was). I am not sure i would be able to do it again, or would want to. I think the instructions of how to are here on this part of the forum. If i find them i will add a link to my post

There is some information here:,17762.0.html

and here with also more links in that thread:,8440.0.html

Hello Folks !

I am with a problem…

the sqblaster learns the code from remote control of my Air Conditioning System Brand: Komeco, but when emitted by sqblaster this code learned do not works nothing in the device.

I try at least 3 sqblasters devices and 3 differents units of that air conditioning…

someone can helps or someone past by this problem ??

thanks in advance

I dont think SQ blaster works with AC units due to the AC’s IR codes being a different format i think. I think you might have to use something like a Remotec ZXT120, which specifically for AC ir control

Thanks Mike…

But I thought when I can learn a code, I can lear any code…

Do you know if global cache flex ip like this:

works with air cond ?

I have the old redeye and that one learns my ir codes of my air cond…

I am worry with this because I have 9 sqblasters to work with air cond…

Sorry i have no experience with iTach. And what i said about the SQ blaster not working with AC units is only what i read here… someone explained why it would not work. Have a search on here, that might give you more information, i cannot remember where i read this