Need help with Generic IP Camera + Axis 214PTZ

I am a struggling new Vera/MiOS customer … frustrated with the configuration interface + frustrated that my Leviton ZWave lights are now broken + frustrated that my IP camera doesn’t work.

I have an existing Axis 214PTZ camera that I cannot get to work using the Generic IP Camera extension.

I have tried all possible combinations of URLs & IP addresses to the static .jpg URL of the camera. Nothing works.

  • with & without http://
  • with & without port :80
  • supplying only a path and not a domain (ip) name … even though it says URL

The examples in the wiki reference the path on the web server … even though the GUI says URLs

There is nothing wrong with the camera and it doesn’t require authentication to retrieve an image, yet MiOS is unable to fetch the image and just shows a broken image.

I have not yet rigged up wireshark to watch the packets go by.

Advice/suggestions appreciated.


i have a problem with ptz axis server

it’s an axis 241q

i modify i_foscam.xml with correct path for this axis but it says device not ready whan i move

my path http:\ip_241Q/axis-cgi/com/ptz.cgi?move=right&camera=3&amp

have you issue ?


Did you copy the URL exactly as it is? Please copy and paste the URL exactly as it is.