Need help with "Auto" combo: Cast Pandora via Scene

So I’m not new to Tasker, but rusty with AutoVera and brand new to AutoInput and AutoCast.

I am hoping someone can help me just understand what needs to drive what to make this happen. I can dig into the details to make it happen, just need a starting path.

I have scenes right now that begin Pandora and shut it down via logitech harmony, etc. However, I just got a bunch of Chromecast Audio’s and want to begin casting to the whole home speaker group when running scenes (like “Home” or “Morning”, etc and then of course shut it down when leaving or going to bed.

I’m just looking to see the chain so I know what needs to drive what. For example:
Vera Scene → push to AutoVera → AutoVera plugin trigger to AutoInput → AutoInput open Pandora and select cast then whole home speaker group.

Something like that… Would really appreciate the help! This seems easy enough but having a hard time getting the steps in order and setup.


Little help? :slight_smile:

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