Need help using device property value in Logic Action

I need to get this working before I install can lights in my ceiling so I need quick help on this one. Thanks.

I wish to install a bank of six Zipato RBBW lights in ceiling cans.
There is an RGBW controller App for the light, but as of now, it only controls one light at a time.

So, I would need to manually change each light which wouldn’t be good.

My solution is to use PLEG to assign a (Master Light) where all the (Slave lights) will respond to any changes.

I have in ‘Device Properties’ Color and Load Level, and I have on/off in Device Triggers.
For some reason, the lights themselves do not give properties, so I am using the controller’s information (See first attachment)

I can get it to trigger whenever a condition is changed, but I can’t get the other bulbs to change to the first bulb.
Please look at 2nd picture and tell me what I am doing wrong.
Thank you

Anyone? I really need help on this one. I have put nearly three days non stop trying to figure this out on my own.

Do you have the controller light colour as a device - does this show the correct value, if you check it in the device properties?

Yes, I have the lights under controllers RGBW1 Controller and RGBW2 Controller.
When RGBW1 Controller is changed, I would like to insert the value into the RGB2 Controller.
Under the device property tab for the RGBW1 Controller, it is showing the correct value.