Need help to upgrade

Hi, my first generation Vera completely died about a few months ago and I just received a new Vera edge. I’d like to know if I have to do anything to my old Vera before I begin a new installation with Vera Edge.


But you said it’s completely dead? :o

Yes, the lights blink on and off. Support tried a few months ago to get to it but it doesn’t respond.

I would think your only challenge will be the exclusion/inclusion of z-wave devices bound to the old controller. Otherwise building things from scratch should work just fine.

That’s exactly what I needed to know. The exclusion of the devices. I’ll try on Monday to see if I can exclude them with my USB dongle from my old Vera.
Thanks Don.

I reckon quicker way would just be a factory reset on each device - that’s what they internally do during an unpair anyway. For example on Fibaro devices you hold down the button until the LED turns yellow (about 20 seconds), release, and press again. On Aeotec hold button down until light goes red (about 20 seconds) then release.

Thanks for the info Tillsy