NEED HELP: Simple Z-Wave Device Designed for Irrigation

I’m looking for simple Z-Wave device that’s designed for irrigation ( sprinkler ) control at least 3 zones separately. Are there any out there cost under $100?

I research at some of the popular brands on here that works over the Wi-Fi or TCP/IP (whatever they call it) but not Z-Wave. I also looked into switches and modules that ppl rig up (intermatic, outdoor module, etc…) but that’s really expensive and cumbersome-looking. THERE’S GOTTA BE SOMETHING OUT THERE.

there is,14722.msg111671.html#msg111671

That’s a good idea but technically that’s only controlling one “single zone” and each sprinkler area is being cascaded base on the timer. That’s a two-step process, overall. I used to install car alarm and remote start and that’s a piece of cake to setup and I have access to those parts in my shop.

I need something with more control and easy to control, something that my wife can setup/schedule on her own if she needs to. Again, that $20 idea is good but too many parts involved and may use more electricity in the long run.

I think the best way right now is to use the Z-Wave GE outdoor module but that’s $200 to control my four zones. Gonna sleep on it some more.

Anyone else have better solution?

Well the prime benefit is you can have Vera decide the irrigation days. The traditional timer is set to irrigate everyday and then never touched again. Then vera is scheduled to just run the day of week you want.

I haven’t touched my toro timer in 2 years.

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