Need help setting up simple scene in UI5

I’ve looked through forums and setting up the following scene is not covered…just starting and need some assistance. I have a Foscam FI 8918w, and I want it to start recording just when the kwikset door code (a specific one) is entered, and record only for a minute, then forward the video to my email. I would also like in the future to be able to set the camera view to different presets…but I am getting ahead of myself.
So where do I start? If someone could point me to a link in the forum where this has been addressed that would be great! Thanks.

I agree that there is a severe lack of documentation on this topic. It took me quite awhile to figure out how to create a scene with MCV Vera2 and UI5. I finally did and posted my procedure for settings up scenes with the GE45600 remote in this thread: [url=,6063.15.html],6063.15.html[/url]. I’ll quote just the part that involves UI5:

Create Scene: Automation > New scene Give scene a name where the text entry box says “New scene”, leave the next box as “Immediate”, and select a room if you’d like. Configure the Lights as you’d like them to be for the scene. Click “Confirm changes” then “Save” (upper right) On “Save data” screen, click “Continue”

Create Trigger:
Automation > Scenes
Click the settings “wrench” for the desired scene
At the top of the screen, select “Triggers”
“Add trigger”
Device dropdown: select the name of your remote control
What type of event is the trigger? Select “A scene is activated”
“Name for this trigger”: enter name of your choice
“Which scene number”: enter scene number for the button you’d like to use on the remote
Click “Confirm changes” then “Save” (upper right)
On “Save data” screen, click “Continue”