Need help figuring out how to set this up...

  1. When my garage door is opened, my front porch light turns on.

  2. The front porch light turns off two minutes after the garage door is shut.

  3. The front porch light turns on every night an hour before sunset, and off at one hour after sunset. (Total on time of two hours)

I am trying to make it to where if my front porch light is on at sunset, and my garage door shuts, the front porch light does not turn off two minutes later.

Is there a way to set the scene that makes the porch light come on with the garage door only work during certain hours of the day?

What is being used to check if your garage door is opened or closed? Is it a door/window sensor? Or some sensor that you can arm and bypass? If so, you could set up a scene so that the porch light turns on when your armed sensor is tripped. Then you could set up a scene to arm the sensor during whatever time you’d like.

I think that this is a perfect scenario of using the Program Logic Event Generator(PLEG) plugin from @RichardTSchaefer.