Need Help - Condition Won't Fire Even When True and Repeating

I have a schedule sNight set to condition cNight (repeating), a trigger tJustHome set to a condition cJustHome and a device property check pGarageFloodChk set to condition cGarageFloodChk (repeating).

I want the flood to go on when it’s night time, I just get home and it’s off.

cGarageFloodLate is defined as cNight AND cJustHome and cGarageFloodChk.

Even when all conditions are TRUE and cGarageFloodLate is TRUE the action doesn’t fire. I tried to troubleshoot cNight as the only condition to turn the virtual switch on and even though cNight was true, cGarageFloodLate defined as cNight was false.

I have no ideas what to do next.

Post a pdf of the status report so we can better see what’s going on.

The posting of the status report is helpful.

My experience with schedules is you cannot mix days. So instead of a night schedule, I set up a day schedule and set my conditions against !day.

I did get this to work. BUT - I don’t understand exactly why or if there is a more elegant way to do it. I ended up doing a logic test in the condition statement to make sure that one of the elements in the condition triggered an evaluation.

I’m testing for three conditions. The geofence triggers a scene that turns a virtual switch to on for home status (tHome).

cNight {is it night}
cGarageFloodChk {garage flood is off}
(tHome,NOW<1:00) {I just got home}

cNight AND cGarageFloodChk AND (tHome,NOW<1:00)

Is this saying that the tHome and NOW<1:00 timestamps need to be within a minute of NOW? Does this work because NOW<1:00 is always TRUE?

Prior to putting the logic test in the condition statement this condition would only trigger an action if I manually toggled the Day or Night plugin to Night (or from Night to Day and back to Night if it were night already).