Need advice:UI7 zwave alarm check. Qnap Nas check. Which camera's?

The offerings are widely available…I find it difficult to make a choice
Some requirements:
If possible no monthly subscription. storage enough on my QNAP NAS, and as
2 camera’s for outside: one can be triggered by a PIR sensor, the other a pir sensor can be placed, or the camera is playing ‘sensor’ on it’s own. POE is ok. IR lighting, but I have scene turning on an alley light in case of movements at night.
3 for inside. Small formfactor, covering area’s with pir sensors installed. IR lighting (but alarm scenes could turn on lights in some zones)
PTZ is not necessary, unless it proves ‘smart’ e.g. tracking moving subjects
Easy integration with VERA Edge (creating events, making recording possible, notification from scenes)
When triggered I would like to see a recording and a life feed on my mobile.

Any cues on trademarks and models? what setup/protocol to choose?

Best regards,