Need a way of detecting garage door failures

I think I have a simple problem, but I haven’t been able to find a solution. I’ve tried virtual timers and switches. I tried PLEG but I’m not good with it. I’m sure there is an easy solution.
I have EcoLink tilt sensors on my garage doors. Sometimes when I pull out of my driveway and shut the garage door, it will close, but then it may reopen if there is an obstruction or the cement heaved (in the winter). I may have pulled away by then not knowing that my garage is still open.
I’d like to detect if the tilt sensor senses the garage going down, and then back up within 15 seconds.
Any suggestions?

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Many possible solutions. Currently, I use VeraMate to see if the door is closed. If it is open, I check the camera to verify it is open. I then resend the close command. In my current house, this has not been an issue.

Other possible solutions is to set up a timer to send you a notification if the door is up more than 30 seconds. But you would get notification even when the door is open on purpose.

Another possibility is to check to see if someone is home when the door is up, and if not, try to reclose it, using phone pingers or similar plug-ins. If you have someone in your house working on something, this could be an issue, especially if they use the garage as a workshop.

Thanks for the suggests, but it doesn’t quite address the situation. I do have various alerts for the door being open, but in this case it is to detect a door close failure. I think there is a way to do it with PLEG’s sequence expressions, but I can’t find many examples of how to use these expressions.

Although I don’t have the exact answer you want I will suggest to check out the rules engine plugin (requires ALTUI) as a great graphical way of building logic that although maybe not as powerful as pleg , is much more flexible than Veras scenes and without the need to restort to lua code

I think I figured out the answer, and it was extremely simple.
Within PLEG, I set up a trigger for the tilt sensor being open, and another trigger for being closed. Then the condition to test for a sequence was:
LeftGarageDoorFailure = LeftGarageDoorDown;LeftGarageDoorUp <15