need a second DSC partation for more zones


I have a home hard wired DSC pc1832 alarm system and I recently purchased a Vera Lite to gain remote access. I read many of the postings in advance telling me this would not be a seamless transition and they were all correct.
It took a long time quite a bit of patience and the better part of a bottle of Vodka to get everything up and running.

Current status six of my eight DSC zones reporting to Vera via the DSC IT-100 interface module.
I am getting all my text and e-mail notifications as planned,with No monthly fee Excellent !!

At this time I am not running or planning to run Z Wave triggering devices. Just working on the DSC to Vera interface.

I need to add another partition so Vere see’s the next six (I hope) zones. I believe the DSC IT-100 interface module only sets up six zones on the first pass. Can some one pleas provide the sequence and details that I need to do in Vera and/or my DSC panel to get my remote zone count up to ten or twelve zones.

Thanks In advance
Rich F
Malden Mass

If all you need is remote access to your DSC alarm panel and you don’t plan to use Vera for anything other than remote access to your alarm panel - had you considered the far simpler solution using an EnvisaLink3 board rather than doing this via Vera? This solution also requires no monthly fee for self-monitoring - see for details.

But as of now I have the DSC 1832 and the DSC IT-100 hardware installed and running.
I am not goint to change the installed hardware now.

Still looking to add another six zones.

Any help setting that up Please

With my setup, I am able to go into settings for “DSC Alarm Panel” then the Advanced tab, I see “ActivePartitions”. Currently it says “1” but if I change it to “1,2” then it adds more partitions.

Hello Rich,

Go in to the Advance Tab of the parent device and follow the instructions below. There is no requirement to add the additional partitions unless you have separate partitions on your system.

Extract from DSC Alarm Panel

Additional Setup
To configure the correct Partitions and Zones, select the parent device (as named during the creation process).
Click the Advanced tab
Under Partitions by default there will be 1 present, if additional partitions are to be set up then enter them in sequential manner separated by a comma as follows: For two partitions enter 1,2 For three partitions enter 1,2,3 etc etc…
Under the different Zone fields, enter the zone numbers in the same type of sequence. By default it will display 1,2,3,4,5,6 in DoorZones.

Note you will need to know which Zones are set up which on your panel. They may not be in sequence (per the above), and can be entered depending on their type in any of the three Zone variables.

Thanks sounds ok

Unfortunately I am using the new interface UI7 and there is no advanced tab. Infact there are no tabs at all which is very frustrating as all the solutions I read tell me how to make changes in the old user enviroment. I have asked Vera tech support to get back to me still waiting

Ok, open the DSC device and Advanced should be at the bottom if you scroll down. Click on the arrow on the right to expand. You will find the Variables here.

See screen captures here as an example,28268.msg201753.html#msg201753

Ok will try when I get home from work. Cannot access the site from work.
Boy that screenshot is pretty hard to read I will give it a go

Thanks for the advice


I added some here