Need a Save and Load Config Option like Homewave

I keep going back and forth between and Homewave, but last weekend really showed one of’s biggest strengths & weakness. There really needs to be a way to save your configuration after you mark your favorites, hide other devices and setup your custom view orders. This is way to much customizing to do on the iPad and then have to turn around and do it again on the iPhone or iTouch, especially when you have a typical house hold now a days that the husband and wife both have iPads and iPhones, that’s having to reconfigure the same setting 4 times.

I do love the fact that this app will let you access multiple Vera’s and that’s actually why I had to install it on my parent’s iPad’s and iPhone’s last weekend since I setup Vera at their Condo and another at their Office and Homewave only lets you connect to one without having to switch between config files. Another thing I love is that shows all devices so with the less tech savy users, you don’t have to create screens and configure toggles, although it’s a nice option to have for most of us, sometimes there really just needs to be a basic and advanced option on all these apps. use to be my default favorite app for vera, but Homewave has made some great progress and if it continues and Homewave starts to list all the controls from Vera and better layout options then is going to have to bring something new to the table, especially at the higher price tag of $14.99

That is a very good suggestion, I will definitely look into it.