Need a little help...

Luup and Luup Developers… I’d like to get a bit more out of my vera but haven’t any idea where to start learning/using Luup.

One thing I’d really like to address is lights turning on only when it’s dark. For example, entering a code into my door lock will turn on the portch light only if it’s dark outside…

Would anyone be willing to give me some instruction on the code and how/where it needs to be loaded on vera to function?

I generally pick up this kind of thing pretty quickly, I just need kick start to get past the first step of how Luup is used in Vera.

Hi Cooper0705,

I use a HSM100 which has a light sensor in it for tripping lights only when its dark. You can setup scenes to only work at sunset and sunrise, however if code is the only way try the following link, which also has other helpful code snippets

good luck


Thanks Ap15e and m0jon… the part where I’m stuck is how to use the code. Is it as simple as pasting it inside the Luup text box within a scene? Will the other commands, events, timers etc remain as is and this code supplements the other actions? Is there a short paragraph any where that describes how to use the code within Vera? Adding Lua code to scenes and events

Perfect, thanks!