Need a little help before I lose it again, please

So I’ve been having problems with this Vera “Plus” for as long as I can remember – most recently my LIFX plugins stopped working, which was one of the main reasons I use this thing and then the other day I discovered that my ELK plugin crapped out too. So I decided that this is the last straw since I can’t afford a HomeSeer system at the moment and that I would do a factory reset, delete my hours of work (dozens of scenes & scripts) :rage: and start over from scratch in order to have my basics back.
Wouldn’t you know it, even that won’t work. Apparently, I don’t have permission to do that to my own Vera. I tried signing in, thinking that it may be a security feature and lo and behold, it appears that I do not actually have a Vera and it’s all in my mind (No Controllers Found??)… which is strange because the hallucination that I’m having of my webserver page that I see when I navigate to the phantom device’s LAN address is extremely vivid and realistic! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I’ve been trying to avoid opening a ticket because, to be perfectly honest, I’ve been struggling with this thing for months and usually what happens is that I get frustrated after an hour or two and then avoid it again after that for several weeks if not months.
It would be nice to get this out of the way and finally have a functional system again. Can someone please try to offer me a (preferably simple) solution aside from breaking out the trusty sledgehammer? Thanks in advance.