Neat little internet device......

Run’s Linux, supports upnp, can run widgets via flash. Hmmm, might be an interesting interface to vera.

Can’t wait my chumby will be here on Tuesday. Found out today that it supports LUA. Lua - Chumby Wiki

Think it’s time to try an build an interface to Vera.


Did your Chumby arrive? I’ve always been a little turned off by the bean bag form-factor, but I have kept my eye on this product since it was in beta. Did you see the new “Chumby One?” Chumby, now with less adorable softness: meet the One | Engadget I’m very impressed with the new $100 price point too!

Did you do much more research on what is would take to create a GUI to control Vera?

For $100 it’d be worth a shot. But its really still $200 (199 is as good as!)…unless there is a deal i’m missing?

I looked at the software forums and searched for adobe air. It seems they do not support it yet, but when they do, air4vera will run and you would have your UI that way.


Madas, your not missing anything…I should have said that the $100 price is “rumored” for the Chumby One when it is released. You are correct, the current price is $200-ish for the original Chumby. I guess we won’t know for sure until it officially ships in Nov…

At this point, I’m still gonna keep my eye on this product. There sure are ALOT more widgets available now (1500) compared to when I saw it a year ago. (<500) It definitely has promise!

Here is the reference to the $100

This looks extremely cool. Now all I need is adobe air support

here is the link to where to buy it for $100

That is a kit (i.e. guts) of the original Chumby. I wanted to buy it for $100, but they sold out entire stock in one day… :frowning:

For $200, get a 7" netbook…

I was finally going to buy the touch @ $200 until apple pissed me off again. The $200 gets you old hardware. You have to buy the $300 to get the latest faster HW. and it appears they botched the camera roll out.

The chumby looks cool, if it was $100. My money is now going towards an asus eee keyboard when it comes out (assuming decent reviews). It has the 5" touchscreen integrated and has wireless HDMI. It would make a good living room pc and allow my to search for songs much quicker with a full keyboard.

At some point I will need an iPod touch for other parts of the house, or for just portability , but not until there is a native app for Vera.

Yeah I got the chumby but have not had much time to mess with it. I only paid 119.00 bucks for it cause I found a discount coupon online.

I saw this new device by HP this morning and thought it was cool. It’s a little similar
[url=]HP® Computer and Laptop Store |

$250 for a picture frame? :o

I know, it has extra features. But after all it’s just a picture frame… :slight_smile:

Is there any new progress on the Chumby interface? I really want to get one but was waiting to see if someone smarter than me was going to make a Vera Widget for it. Thanks

This is interesting. I was just wondering about building a UI for the Sony Dash, which uses Chumba widgets. I would actually put one of these in the wall if I could get Vera to work on it. I have been reading about building these widgets and they’re not very difficult, I’ve done a bit of flash development but I JUST started playing with Vera and don’t know anything about it’s back end yet. I would be happy to put together a UI if someone else could back end it.

Here’s my post from earlier about the Dash, including links

I would really like to see an app for the Sony Dash. I recently received one that I had ordered, and I think it will be a great way of having a zwave controller on your night stand, kitchen, or anywhere you are using this device.

I had Dash for a few weeks now and really disappointed with Sony!!!

The device itself is nice and they spent lots of time making sure all kinds of Internet video sources will play on it (but any premium content, i.e. everything besides promotional video or YouTube, will cost you!)… Also, Internet radio (Pandora, Slacker etc.) and Pictures (Photobucket and local USB only for now) are also consumable.

Now, that’s where the problems start - it’s not hackable or hacker-friendly! Even though it supports Chumby apps, there is only a limited set of apps allowed on Dash! And according to Sony reps on the forum, it’s not due to technical issues! So, I guess those are political or licensing issues to allow other Chumby apps on Dash…

It may not sound that bad at first, but they claim over 1000 Chumby apps are available on Dash, but when you get past 250 different clocks, all you can access is some sort of infotainment apps.

Apps to control other devices or access data on the local network, which you can use on Chumby, are not allowed on Dash! You want to control an MPD device? No luck. You want to play pictures from a NAS storage on your network? No luck - either upload them to a public service like Photobucket, Flickr or Picasa or connect it directly to Dash over USB…

Their user forum is lousy. Once registered, I got an automatic username in the form of “USER123456789” and cannot seem to change it due to a bug on their web form.

Supposedly, you can develop new apps for Dash. You cannot load any app on it directly - you have to submit it to their Developers site (took me few days to register, they had problems there too) for review and approval process. When submitting, you can select the app to be public for all or private for your Dash only. But you cannot test it right after you submitted the app - you have to wait for them to review and approve the app, even private. Took them couple weeks to review my test app I wanted to load on my Dash for testing (doesn’t do anything, just needed the fact of it showing in my Dash). And after those 2 weeks, they rejected it because the name was not unique enough…

Tried sending a support e-mail to the address listed on their Developers site and e-mail bounced back with “unknown e-mail address”. And their Developers forum is not ready yet.

So, I guess I may end up returning it and going for the new Insignia Infocast - that one is supposed to be a hacker’s heaven, compared to Sony Dash! :slight_smile:

BTW, paid $180 for Dash during promotion, Insignia is $170 full price…

Wow, Denix… I swore I’d never buy anything Insignia again…but you just changed my mind.

I think I’ll have to get one. Let us know how it goes when you get yours.

Theres a Best Buy( INsignia ) branded dash want to be availabel now for $169. Very Chumby