Native Insteon Polling Rate

Is there anyway to increase the polling frequency of an Insteon Device with the native Vera implementation? I have been searching the forums but I haven’t found a definitive answer. The below is the closest i have found but was wondering if anyone else had any luck.

[quote=“fba, post:5, topic:171672”]An Insteon light switch seems to be a pretty straightforward example. If you put a switch in to your Insteon network, configure it in the Vera with the native Insteon code, and flip the light switch from on to off while watching the Vera UI, you will notice that nothing changes. After some period of time, the Vera code will poll the switch, see that it has changed, and update the UI. However, the length of time that it takes to do that can be several minutes. This becomes extremely problematic if you want to have that switch trigger something else. The trigger won’t fire until the Vera polls the device and notices the change.

Using the native code, there doesn’t seem to be any code that you could write to really fix this issue. You could probably hack something up that would increase the frequency of the poll, but things still won’t react as fast as they would if the Vera was trapping the event.[/quote]

Not that I know of. If you’re dependent on insteon I suggest you either look at another controller or some of the alternatives that integrate with Vera like altsteon or the isy plug-in which requires an isy controller. Veras native insteon support is very limited.

  • Garrett

I think the solution for this is for the switch to NOT control the light directly, but instead send a signal to the vera. Pressing the switch instead activates an automation scene that turns on the light and does whatever else you want to do. However, you’ll have to first unpair the switch from the light, and then pair the switch with the plm.

Thanks Garrett. That’s pretty much what I summed up. I have all of my Insteon running pretty well on the native support just don’t like how long it takes for my apps to update status. I’m usually in and out of a room before it reports the manual switch change. I have read all the info on Altsteon but I’m not ready to go that route yet since everything is technically working without it.

Just to clarify I’m not trying to run scenes off the Insteon switch just looking for faster status reporting in Vera and subsequent iPhone apps. I just quoted that blurb as its the only thing i was able to find on the default poll rate.