Napco 1008e to DSC PC1832: can I reuse the motion sensors, sirens, door sensors

I have a veralite and the existing security system is a Napco 1008e (not monitored by central station). I am thinking of upgrading to DSC PC1832 to take advantage of the vera remote arm/disarm.

I understand that I have to replace the alarm panel and the keypads but I am wondering if the existing sensors and sirens (all hardwired) are compatible with the new system. As far as I know, the Napco 1008e uses 2.2k EOL resistors for all sensors but DSC PC1832 uses 5.6k EOL. Do I have to replace all sensors or open each sensor and replace the EOL? To be honest I don’t even know where the EOLs are installed because I am the second owner of the house. I do know where all the sensors are, including the door sensors, motion sensors and the smoke detectors. Just don’t know the EOL locations.

I can live with no EOL hence no wire tamper detection. BTW, if it matters, I am quite tech savvy and very DIY capable. Thanks in advance.

There should be only one resistor per zone at the “End Of Line”. It should be of the correct value, so you will need to change them. The resistor is generally not in the sensor itself but as part of the wiring to it. More info here:

The sensors should be OK for reuse as long as they are powered at the correct Voltage by the new DSC unit and that the DSC PSU has the capacity to power the number of sensors in use. More than likely that will all be OK for a small system - but check it. Most of the sensors are generic, with relay contacts for the alarm detection and work with many alarm systems. The siren/bell compatibility will need to be checked, as they vary some what in their requirements.

The DSC system works well, so it’s worth the effort to make the transition.

Thanks for your help and the link! Still have a question: to quickly find where the “end of the wire” is, can I assume: 1) EOL is nearby the sensor for a single sensor zone; 2) EOL is nearby one of the sensors for a multi-sensor zone? I am particularly looking at a magnetic slide door sensor which was paint over and I don’t want to dig it out of the frame only finding EOL resistor is not there.

Your assumptions re: 1) & 2) are correct but in real life the resistor could be any where! Some installers (incorrectly) place them at the panel, as this makes life easier for them. Let us know where you eventually find them ;–))