Nanogrid FDN Series Light Switches

I was wondering if anyone’s got any information about the ground wire on these devices?
I’ve got the FDN2200 installed and works perfectly using the UI5 interface.
One thing I didn’t/couldn’t do was attached a ground wire to the device.
When I removed the original/old light switch, there was only 3 wires connected to it, the load, hot and neutral wire. The ground however was wrapped in black tape and can see 2 of them connected.

My Problem is that anyone who’s got the device knows that where the ground suppose to go on the FDN light switch has to be soldered or something.
All the other wiring, Load,Hot,Neutral has a orange wire clip for easy attach to the module. The ground slot doesn’t have the wire clip?

Picture of the Nanogrid FDN 2200 Light Switch+Wiring Diagram

When this switch is paired, it should display one extra switch for the temp. Check on the Advanced tab of each to see if it has CurrentTempeture and if so, change the devive file to D_TemperatureSensor1.xml and this should then display correctly after saved and restarted.

You folks get better light switches then we get in the USA! Those look sweet.

Yes, I was wondering what this _Generic IO was, it displayed a Light Switch Icon but doesn’t do anything when i click ON/OFF, went to advanced settings and saw Current Temperature whereas the actual _Light Switch has no current temperature. Nice One brientim!

I’m pretty sure you are able to pair these up to USA protocols. Where I bought it just displayed the AUS Frequency but doing extensive research, all other websites don’t show any frequency. It was made by Frostdale, Nanogrid in Korea.

Also it would work out better for you anyway as in AUS the standard wallplates are horizontal where USA its vertical right? Correct me if I’m wrong.
The logo on these FDN light switches would be on the top right corner when installed in AUS, lol.