Mystery Devices... what the heck are these?

(see attachment)…

in the last day or two, I had a whole bunch of these mystery “sensors” show up in my Vera Edge. They all have names like ‘_GET_LANG(generic_sensor,sensor) 5’.

Nothing in the settings seems to indicate what they are. Type is ‘urn:schemas-micasaverde-com:device:GenericSensor:1’. They got created in my Garage room for some reason. The other things I have in my garage are

  • four of the Linear garage door openers
  • the AEON labs power meter in my breaker box
  • four hikvision cams (exposed to Vera through Blue Iris).

None of that stuff has changed in months.

Being in IT, I know everyone always says “I haven’t changed anything”… but if I have changed anything, I sure don’t remember what it would be. :slight_smile: No FW updates for weeks, no new devices added for weeks, no reboots for at least a couple of weeks (power flicker).

Any ideas what these are? Anyone seen anything like them before?

View the “id_parent” parameter in the Advanced tab for each ‘mystery sensor’. The device identified as “id_parent” is the device that is “acting out”. Remove and re-include the parent device and that should fix things. If not, consider replacing the device.

Thanks for the tip… I picked one of them at random and deleted it, and they all went away. If they come back, I’ll try exactly what you said. Thanks!