MyMios not reporting energy usage or cost's from a smartswitch

Still haven’t had any luck with this, has anyone any idea’s??

Vera 2 (1.1.1245) is not showing energy usage or cost through using SmartSwitch’s. All devices are showing and communicating and show energy usage locally (watts) and via but are not recording / using a smart switch either total kwh, cost or cost per day.


I wouldnt know where to start on your Q as im not famiiar with your setup (yet)
But to help someone that IS more experienced along to help you out, could you let us know what kind of switches you are using?

Are you referring to these?

Yes, they are those ones only difference is these are in Australia.

Ok, for some basic troubleshooting, i take it you went to your Vera’s UI, clicked the “location” icon in your toolbox and
filled out ALL fields, including the “Cost per KWH of electricity” there?

Yep, did all that


I wonder if the smartswitches provide the functionality you would like.
They do as you state meter local consumption and report that to Vera.

Wouldnt you need a HEM or TED5000 to meter your complete powerusage to get your results in

I am actually using a current cost device to measure the total house usage. With the smartswitches you dont enter the device watts as the smartswitch reads it directly and under the advanced tab on the device they are displaying the watts being consumed.

I don’t use the Energy tab there much, but you should be able to get total kWh if you view historical data by device. There’s a second chart when you scroll down ‘Overall energy usage’ and the number seems to be the kWh for the selected date range.

Don’t forget to go to Energy Usage >> Measure Data and setup your SmartMeter or Whole House Meter