My Verde likes to give me a thermostat!

Hi all,

New to this. Finding UI5 on verde 3 a bit confusing.
I’ve only attempted to add 1 device (a simple on/off z plug). But it seems in my devices window a thermostat keeps appearing!! :o
In ‘no room’ I have about 10 of them! :-
If I look at the phantom thermostat in my room (office); it actually lists it as in ‘no room’. But it is showing up in my office as a device.
Ermmm, is this a bug or am I doing something wrong and enjoy having thermostats!!! ;D ;D


Not sure about the thermostat but…
To change the room, click on the spanner located in the top right of the device, in the top right again it will list the current room, click on this and select the new room from the drop down list.

Is it me? or is the way triggers are added to scenes counter intuitive?? (could just be me!!).
The only way I can get it to make sense. Is in overview select the ‘scene’ and then set the trigger.
All I am trying to do is use the XBMC plug-in to change state on a lamp whether it’s playing or not.
Does seem rather convoluted route for something quite basic.
Presumably if I just created a scene I can just add Luup code to that and do away with the GUI trigger setup?. I don’t see how I add code to a scene i.e. without creating a trigger??? (I suspect my understanding is incorrect!!!)

Hmmmm, 2 ‘new’ thermostats have just appeared in my room!.

[tt]Luup[/tt] tab in the scene editor?

Perhaps see also this wiki page.

Ah! ;D Luup tab!
How frequently is the scene luup code run??

Will look at the wiki


3 new thermostats have appeared in ‘no_room’ !!! :o