My setup, what do I need?

Currently this is my setup:

Family room
-TV (Samsung 7000 series)
-Xantech DL85K that goes down to the basement behind the tv
-Fireplace which can be controlled by IR (switch is on wall next to TV)

-Yamaha RX-673 receiver
-Apple TV (plex)
-XBOX 360

I have my blaster on top of the TV and the IR emitters going down to the basement so that I can control it via the regular remotes (TV remote, receiver remote, and fireplace remote hits the wall plate)

I have a Vera lite in the office (which I can relocate to the basement if needed - as long as the signal reaches the first floor for all my z-wave devices)

I use the Vera lite with Alsteon to control Insteon devices so I need to know what my best option is to control AV equipment via my iPhone and iPad. Do I need something like iTach or SQ Blaster (i can’t seem to find any). On my iPhone i currently use, and also do have Homewave.

Should I get the Insteon IR linc instead or SQ blaster or something like that? What is the cheapest and best way to make my setup worK?