my modes query


Wonder if you could confirm how these modes work? Should it work that the modes that are selected feature in the conditions?


The modes that are named act like a trigger.

The Named variable is true when the corresponding mode is active and false otherwise.
There can be a 15 second delay from when the mode changes before PLEG will see the change.

I have named my modes and when I add them to a condition is shows as an invalid variable. The modes are also not available in any of the condition editor drop downs. I’m running the latest UI7 and latest PLEG and I have reloaded and rebooted. I’ll try another ctl+f5 for good luck but I feel like I am missing something simple here. Does each PLEG device support its own house modes triggers?

Yes … but not in the Condition Editor … you can enter them directly in the condition on the conditions tab.
That was an oversight … I never use the condition editor … I only test it when someome says there is a problem.

I will fix it.

RTS, thanks for your support as always! I suspected that may be the case but I wasn’t sure as the conditions editor marks the modes as an unknown variable. I often just type in they condition blocks as well, but occasionally use the editor to highlight any errors I made.