My home made Floor Plan UI


I wanted to get feedback from you guys on the floor plan ui I created in SVG and Javascript. Take a look at the two screenshots attached.

I use SVG to draw up my house and insert dummy device boxes (SVG rects) where I want devices to be shown. By giving he boxes the same id as the device name the javascript can draw the device status nicely and show the current value as well as toggle value options (e.g. for light switches). Also it supports putting in scenes in the same way. Since it is all SVG and javascript it renders perfectly on chrome, safari, IE, firefox, iPad safari etc. Furthermore, it allows one to use any SVG drawing program (include online services) to draw the house and place in devices and scenes - as long as you comply with some simple rules for naming the elements.

So, I wanted your feedback on this. Do you like it? Is this something that would be of interest to anyone else than me?


Sure… l’d be interested in learning more!

Yes, this looks promising. I’d like to see how it looks on mobile/tablet browser too.

+1. Oh, absolutely. This looks neat. Love to hear/read more about this too. Thanks.

Oh boy! I have an Android stick on my 55" LED TV with a Wii like remote. I can just see a floorplan of the house with all these values and toggles for lights.

I would like pupil detection and blink with my eyes to switch the lights. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Looks real cool would like to try it out