My first Z-wave controller - Vera Plus - A learning experience


Today I received a Vera Plus, two Qubino flush dimmers and a Aeotec 6in1 multisensor.

I Immediately connected the Vera Plus to the network and registered at This process was actually quite painless. All good.

Then… Multisensor 6 in 1 from Aeotec… I guess I must have done something wrong, but heres the story:

  1. Added the sensor - non-security mode, USB power. Fine.
  2. Sensor does not show correct values. Several degrees too hot, 3 lux in a well lit room, etc.
  3. Try to get it to alert me of movement. Not much luck/Unstable.
  4. Try to see if I can update the firmware on the sensor. Guess not.
  5. Trying to remove the sensor from Vera controller to be able to add it again as secure connection. Ends up with the same sensor showing double in dashboard.
  6. Several Vera Network resets and Sensor resets later, I have accomplished a secure connection. Still 3-4 lux in a lit room, and 24 celsius, instead of 20 celsius.

I’m NOT taking on the qubino dimmers just yet… :o

If anyone has ANY idea what I’m doing wrong, or experience with the aeotec sensor, I’m very interested to hear your tips and tricks.



I’ve heard that some people are having issues with the new sensor and UI7 so you are not alone. I too have a new system and tried to add a new Fibaro motion sensor and that isn’t working either. Luckily my door sensors and wall plugs are OK else I think I’d be sending it back. Not quite the finished product is probably my summary of my experience so far - i.e why do they have issues with integrating IP cameras when there an plenty of small companies that do this really well and robustly - just go and find out how they do it! and plug ins that no longer work? When it does work it’s great, so lets hope they sort out some of these issue soon!


I’m also a new user with a 6-in-1 sensor, two micro dimmers, two door sensors.

Don’t know much about light and uv levels but they don’t seem to be very accurate and in fact both seem to always have the same value.

About the temperature reading, what I found reading around was that when connected to usb the sensor generates some heat and rises the temperature reading. Mine seemed to be about 6 degrees higher.

A forum post from universal-devices referring to adjusting it for ISY suggested this:

The MultiSensor 6 manual appears to have an error for the temperature calibration setting, which is parameter 201. It appears to be a 1-byte parameter (not 2-byte) and to effectively enter a negative number in ISY you start with 255 and decrease the more you want the setting to be calibrated lower. E.g., if you want it offset 0.1 degrees lower you set Parameter 201 1-byte Value to 255. To offset lower by 5.0 degrees you would set the Parameter 201 1-byte Value to 206.

In my case I’m using battery so I had to increase the temperature reading by 2.3 degrees, which means setting Parameter 201 1-byte Value to 23. When on USB power it dissipates some heat causing higher temperature readings.

So, in my case I had to set variable 201 to a value of 195. Please note, I configured it at the Main/Father/Base device(not sure what the proper name is) which seems to be the Motion Sensor. So that’s “Settings → Device Options → Add Configuration Settings”