My first stab with PLEG = failure

Starting off with small steps just to do something simple, but I get “PLEG startup failed”

I just took a wired door senser (Main Entry) and simply wanted to turn on a VS switch when the Main Entry was tripped. Can’t get more basic than that (I thought)

In PLEG I did the following:
Inputs (Device Properties) - created Main Entry, tripped
Inputs (Triggers) - selected Main Entry sensor, a sensor is tripped, device is tripped *I named it MainEntryTrip and clicked Accept which changed the name to MainEntryTrip1

Conditions - c1 (I named LightsOn) and Expression I put MainEntryTrip1
Actions - I selected LightsOn from the drop down and clicked VS_1 “On”

Then I saved , Lua restarted and errored out “PLEG startup failed”

What did I miss just to get this simple function to work???

What are the versions of PLEG, PLTS, and PLC … they all need to match.

HI Richard,

They are all 2.5

Send me the report … I will look over things … The report does not work from Internet Explorer.

I deleted the PLEG I was trying to program. I also deleted the trigger from Vera.
Then I created a new PLEG and programmed the same way.
It is now working fine for this simple set up.

One question… In the PLEG under Inputs;Device Properties, I left this blank. Before I had also added my door sensor.

What is this Device properties used for? Without adding anything there now this PLEG is working.


I have a similar problem.
Every time I try to create a PLEG event when I close the box and hit the red save I get:

Program Logic Event Generator[93] : Startup Lua Failed

All 3 PL plug ins are at 2.8 - I had the same problem with 2.5.

Any help would be awesome.

With a new browser instance … open the Vera control panel.
Open the [b]PLEG[/b/] Control.
Goto the Advanced Tab
Be careful to get get all of the following information and paste it into an email for me:

The value of each of the following variables (They can be long):