Multiple Zwave door locks managed as one

I just purchased a new home. I would like to put a Zwave door lock (probably Yale or Schlage) on 3 doors. The same lock model on all three. When I create / manage an user account I would like to have it apply to all 3 rather than manage each separately. Does anyone know if this is a feature. Controller will be VeraPlus, but I’m open to other suggestions to that as well. No other devices yet.


Hi ZXRSteve62, when you create a pin code you have the option to apply that pin to each of the other locks or not.

I am using Kwikset deadbolt locks but the operation should be the same. As the other poster noted, when I add a PIN code, I have the option to add it to multiple locks. Works well and Vera can provide alerts based on what code is entered to unlock the door if you so desire.