Multiple Veras, Same Network

I currently have UI5 operating a good part of our office and works well, especially with the intro of a repeater.

However we have a big sandstone wall and its becoming clear we need to have a second system to run upstairs.

I have two units, and have read as much as I can on the matter.

The bit that is confusing me.

The master is registered to -and i’ve added a bridge this way using UPNP, it seems to see the second unit.

However - how do I login to the second UI5 to add devices? I haven’t as yet registered it anywhere. Do I need to give it its own username and password on first and login to it that way with any changes appearing on the master?

I think i’ve solved this, logging out and logging back in again then suggests I have a controller to add to my account. So i’m just doing that at the moment