Multiple VeraPlus Controllers using LUUP Code in Scene


I am new to LUUP Coding and need some help.
I am learning how to execute LUUP within scenes.
I have successfully been able to turn things on and off and dim lights etc.
My home has 4 VeraPlus controllers all connected together via UPnP and working fine. Standard Vera scenes are able to turn things on and off etc even if the device is on a different VeraPlus controller than the scene is running on.
My problem is when I write LUUP code in a scene and try to control a device that is on a different VeraPlus controller the code is unsuccessful. The device will not turn on/off/dim etc.

Can you tell me how to address a device in a LUUP scene that is on a different VeraPlus box than the scene is running on… Again all the VeraPlus boxes speak to each other successfully when creating a standard scene in Vera that contains no user developed LUUP code.

Thank You

When you say that your machines are “all connected together via UPnP”, you are saying that three of them are bridged to the remaining one? If not, then how?

If this is the case, then this mechanism is actually only uni-directional: the machine which has the others bridged to it can see all the devices, but the other machines can only see their own.

It is, in fact, also possible to bridge the machines in the other direction, effectively allowing all machines to see all devices. But I have no idea how this might impact performance, and it makes device management a bit of a nightmare.

…but perhaps you mean something completely different?