Multiple triggers for the same action

Scene and mode selection (home, away etc) seem very basic. “if this then that” kind of scenarios are supported. For instance “if Home mode is selected then turn on that light”. Is there a way to have something like “if this and this then that”? For instance, “if Home mode is selected, and it is after 1800 then turn on that light”.

See this recent thread on the same question…,43989.msg308283.html#msg308283


Note that besides the trigger(s) that can start a scene (A, or B or C) you can set restrictions based on the House mode, days of the week and time of day when defining the trigger. O UI7 only, but I guess most are on that now. For more complex rules or a simple AND condition on anything else that time of day you have to put in your own little bit of LUA as akbooer pointed to.

Cheers Rene

How can I tell which UI version I’m running?
My firmware version is 1.7.2414

You’re running UI7. The clue is in the 1.7…

OK, so by combining the House Modes Plugin, code and your help, I managed to write a scene which turns a light on when Home mode is activated and it is night.
But I expected that such a simple scenario to be possible out of the box.

Yup, we all did, at first.

Yes, a seriously missing trigger option is the house mode changing. The only option you have there is if you want to set the state soley on the House mode. Then you can use the Dashboard > My House modes to specify a status for a device when a house mode changes. But that lacks the possibility to set time and date limits you are interested in.

The missing house mode trigger is indeed added by the House Modes plugin.

No system is perfect though (at this moment I would be over the moon with stable)

Cheers Rene

With PLEG you have full logic combination capability.
It has support for House mode inputs as well as actions to change the house mode.

Since a House Mode is just another input type you can detect when any input changes … or using sequence expressions detect when any combination of inputs change in a particular order.