Multiple slated

I get alerts from door sensors. I have them set inside gates to my home and refrigerators. However when they go off in get 3-4 of the same message. I’m looking how to solve this.

Thanks in advance

I use the plug in veraAlerts To solve this problem.

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This doesn’t solve the problem. You may have multiple events set-up in different locations like directly on the devices or scenes. If you can’t figure this out please submit a ticket to our support team at

Thank you, but I no longer use an android so that won’t work in this case

On some devices that would be true. However I just added a new door/window sensor on a fridge and it sends three alerts. I get the same when leaving as well and the geofence sends multiple alerts. When leaving it also sends Gate (door sensor) alerts that never happened.

I use it to generate controlled alerts for my iphone. I have a motion detector that generates two alerts every trip, i set vera to do not notify then receive my one Controlled alert from the plugin.

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