Multiple sensors - same variable - how?

Front door lock
3 sensors

How do I write something like this using one profile that is triggered when the front door is locked with 3 sensors that have the same variable (%avarmed):

Front Door

If %avnewstatus ~ 1
Say “the front door is locked”

 If  S1 Armed   %avarmed() 
 Say " and sensor 1 is armed"
 Say " and Sensor 1 is not armed"
 End if

 If S2 Armed %avarmed()
 Say "and sensor 2 is armed"
 Say "and sensor 2 is not armed"
 End if

Say “The front door is not locked”
End if

How do i tie the %avarmed() variable to the specific sensor like %avarmed(sensor1) in a task

Many thanks

I will need more details in order to help.

You might want to post this over on the AutoWear forum run by the developer: