Multiple RFXcom on one Vera?

I just got another RFXtrx433, and thought i would use it to extend the 433 network range… anyone here running two of them on one vera? How do i set up a new instance of the plugin and fix it to an USB?

I allready have a USB hub populated with rfx and a USB stick…

I think it is not possible to extend range by using secondary RFXtrx433, but use mutiple devices is probably possible (I don’t know how).

similiar topic, but 2 different rfxcom devices:

You might be able to do it with a better aerial. I’m not a Comms expert so someone else can chime in here.
Otherwise, I would think that you would need a AP, Vera and RFX

Ah, i was unpresise in my previous post, the two RFX is not supposed to act like one, devices link in to only one of them. I could still extend the 433 in terms of connecting all on one side to one rfx, the other side to the second.

The thread posted here shows that its possible, so question answered. Thanks! :smiley:

Finally gt around to connect a second RFX… Only reason was that the sensors farthest away had some connection problems, so i wanted to divide the units on two antennas…

This worked very well, it popped right up and started working instantly. :slight_smile:

Another major positive discovery: All i had to do to move a device from one RFX to the other was to change the parent ID! I thought i had to recreate the sensor from the new RFX, no need! :smiley:

How did you end up solving this - how did you connect the RFX’s to the Vera hub? Do you know if it would be possible to use two Veras (in master/slave mode) each with its own RFX - but all to act as one network?

I just connected them using a powered USB hub. Then I fired up a second instance of the RFX plugin, and it worked fine from there.

A second vera in bridge mode is possible, but I think those who have tried it found some issues with it…