Multiple PTACs and Thermostats closer to people controlled by Vera

I’ve an apartment with 5 PTAC’s. I wanted to control the units from Vera.
Also I wanted to put a temperature sensor farther from the unit without having to run wires.

So far I’ve thought about using a Trane TZ400BB3VZNNSL and the Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Multi-Sensor for temperature.

Anyone using a separate temperature sensor to control a thermostat ?

I really can’t run wires out of the units, however I really wanted to link 2 units together as they are over the same open space. While other units should be controlled separately, but using a thermostat that stays close to the people and not close to the wall where the ptac is.

Does anyone have an opinion about using Vera and a Thermostat on a PTAC ?

The trane looks like to be the less expensive of all. Not sure if it miss any feature.

Does anyone knows the difference between the Trane T400B and the Trane T500B ?

Is there anyone using the TH8320ZW ?

I need 5 of those, that’s why I’m so concerned about pricing and features.

I’m waiting on my gear to arrive but I’m planning on using PLEG to manage temps using an Aeotec too. I need mine to keep the 2nd floor bedrooms comfortable at night.

I just found from reading other forum posts the T400 does not support remote temperature sensor, the T500 does.

I’ve ordered 5 T500 and will try to create 4 zones with them.

Looks like I will have to do PLEG too. Not looking to run wires and I also want to create 4 zones out of 5 units.

Just an update for the guys here.
The TZEMT500BB32MA pairs and works with Vera, either UI6/UI7. So far I didn’t get into PLEG yet, just paired the thermostats with Vera. Very easy to pair, the thermostat has a Z-wave Install option on the menu.
Those seem to be a good option at $77 new from amazon/ebay.

I will post back once I get PLEG working.

Hello Newbie here, is there a plugin for Vera Lite ? I installed and paired the unit and I was expecting to get some basic controls available, but apart from seeing that there is a new device added, there isn’t anything I can do with it.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction