Multiple OR Triggers in Condition

Need some help again…

Have 4 doors,
t_Door_Gate Whenever 4 in 1 sensor (91) detects motion whether is armed or disarmed
t_Door_Kitch Whenever Z02 Kitchen (Perimeter) is opened whether is armed or disarmed
t_FrntDoor Whenever Z01 Front door (Delay 1) is opened whether is armed or disarmed
t_GrDoor Whenever Z03 Garage door (Perimeter) is opened whether is armed or disarmed

when used in a condition such as c_ExtLights with T_Door_Gate OR t_Door_Kitch OR t_FrntDoor OR t_GrDoor

would like it to perform an action to switch the External Lights ON etc… and does not, unless I use them individually.
Tried deleting the triggers, conditions and re-adding, restarting the luup etc… cannot make it work.
It did work when 2 of the triggers were used as (T_Door_Gate OR t_Door_Kitch)
Missing something basic here… Enclosed as is now

You did not show a STATUS report … Have you looked at the STATUS report ?

Probably one of your perimeters were already TRUE

So the condition was already true.

If you want the action to RUN on EVERY trigger even if it is already TRUE set the REPEATS for the condition.

It was the repeat trigger not enabled,