Multiple door sensors with a door chime

I have a reactor configured with 4 door sensors and a door chime to ding when a door is opened. The conditions for all 4 sensors are OR’d in one group with a pulsed output to activate the door chime for 3 seconds. It works fine when all doors are closed and one door is opened. However, if one door is already opened and remains opened, when another door is opened, the chime does not activate. I’ve tried resetting the latched output, but the chime does not activate when the second door is opened. Any ideas?

On the Tools tab of every Reactor Sensor is a Troubleshooting section. I suggest you start with that. It also links to guidance on what is needed to post a question here.

Based on your description given without the additional information, if the group is “OR” and has the pulsed output, it is doing what you asked it to do — just because the group’s output state goes false doesn’t mean its input/condition state (the OR’d state of its children) has, so if a door is still open, the input state is still true/unchanged, and no further pulses will be generated by the group. If you want to make it chime for any door opening even if another is already open, then you need to remove the pulse output from the group and add pulse output to each of the door conditions under the group. Latching has no application here (based on my understanding of your description/goal) and should not be used.

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Thanks for the explanation. Makes perfect sense. I’ll try that

Worked like a champ. Thanks again and thanks for the most useful plugin I’ve ever used in the last 8 years of my life with Vera.