Multiple date/time trigger meshbots still not working?

I can’t get a meshbot that has three triggers to save properly. The triggers are:
days of the week - Mon, tues, wed, thur
custom time of day - at 9:30 pm
device: door lock: secured

I can create the meshbot and it saves successfully but if I reopen it to edit, the custom time trigger has changed to 2 am. If I edit and resave, it appears to save successfully but again reverts to 2 am when I pull it up to edit.

I just changed the custom time trigger to “after” and the 9:30pm set time appears to stick with that approach.

Will see if the mesh runs tonight with the “after” format but it still appears to be a bug with the custom time trigger.


We need to thoroughly investigate what is going on with the programming of the MeshBots in their controller.

In a few minutes, an email will be sent asking you for some basic information about your controller and account.


I never received an email.

The MeshBot DID NOT run last night at 9:30 pm

Hi ram,

We contacted you at the email address you registered in our community.

Please send us an email to so we can give you more personalized attention.