Multiple Cameras Display On Tv when doorbell or Event

I’m going to keep it short. I need to know what I need and how to do it to get my 4 up cameras that are already connected to my vera to display on multiple tv’s when the doorbell rings or an alert occurs.

Please let me know what our need to buy and the steps to get this working.

Post approved… Any help with this issue, anyone???

Hey Silica,

I do this with a chromecast. When an alert is triggered (usually via a PLEG) it starts “casting” a browser window with that camera alert. The chromecasts are connected directly via HDMI to the TV, and the TV wakes itself if it is off.

I do not have it currently setup to change to the chromecast input if the TV is already on. It sometimes switches on its own, but isn’t fully reliably. For most events that I would want to see the camera on, it blinks a light or sends a push notification to my mobile device.

See: AutoCast – Tasker and Join

Cool. So need to buy anything other than apps. I’ll give it a shot tonight. Thanks!

@EOppie Ok… I’m heading in the right direction. I have made some profiles to turn on/off lights with Ok, Google. I even have a profile to get the chromecast to come on with doorbell.

But how do I get my cameras to display on Chromecast?

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I have a very low tech way of doing it. I use Blue Iris for video recording, and it serves a webpage displaying my cameras.

Autocast then “casts” a browser window of that page.

I do this with a chromecast.

@EOppie: Besides Chromecast and AutoCast, do you need to have any other components, like an Android phone or Tasker, for this solution to work?

I have a android tv box like this that has tasker, vera alerts and ipcamviewer installed on it. the video out goes into a rf modulator that converts it to a analog signal that broadcasts on channel three. I have that plugged into my sony tv which has a picture in picture but can only show the analog signal, why they still do this I have no idea. When somone pushes the doorbell or my driveway sensor trips I have tasker start ipcamviewer when it receives the notification from vera alerts for the correct camera and the global cache itach send the ir signal to the TV that switches to PIP then exits out of it after 30 seconds or so. I know it sounds like a lot of things to go wrong but works great.

I do this using imperihome on an android tablet. Not exactly what you are looking for but thought I would put it out there.

When motion is detected the android device brings up the appropriate camera.

Thanks all figured it out using this link to help create the task:

I started with getting it working through Voice Command. Then I moved on to triggering these tasks using Vera status updates.