Multiple Amazon accounts with Vera

I have my amazon devices all over the house and they all work with my Vera but only when I?m in my account. If I load the skill for Vera Control in my wife?s account and discover devices, she can control them but they go offline for me. Anyone know how to get this working in both accounts?,49122.msg322128.html

I’ve got multiple accounts setup on my Alexa and I can add the Vera Control skill to my account and log in to the Vera Control on my wife’s account but only one account works at a time. When I login, everything work as expected and when I login to my wife’s account, everything works as expected but then everything goes offline on mine. Maybe I need to create another user in Vera for this to work?

I just solved this myself. You need to create another user in Vera then add the Vera control skill on that user’s Alexa account and login. I now have both users able to control devices and scenes with Alexa.