Multiple actions in one scene

I am getting to where I have hundreds of scenes. Is there a way to combine several actions into one scene. An example would be the following:

AC/Heat unit:

Set to heat (Trigger = current temperature from weather plugin if all outside doors/windows closed)
Set to cool (Trigger = current temperature from weather plugin if all outside doors/windows closed)
Set to off (Trigger = current temperature from weather plugin is between two temperatures or any outside door or window left open for 3 min)
Recheck the conditions to see if any of the above apply.



The only way to do this is with Lua Code for a Scene.
In the Lua code for the trigger you set some state to indicate what trigger was fired.
You can have multiple triggers for the scene.
In the Lua code for the scene you decide what to do based on which trigger fired (based on what the set in the trigger Lua) Variables are shared between the trigger Lua code and the Scene Lua code for that particular scene.

I have thought about adding (invoking) the Vera Scene editor right from Program Logic Event Generator. The work flow would be to define what happens when a condition is met. I would likely leave off the Schedules, Triggers, and LUUP tab of the existing scene editor and have just the Devices and Advanced view.

Basically you could associate a simplified scene to any Condition in the PLEG Device. This would allow much more sophisticated control and execution logic than what the base Vera system provides and you would still never need to know what a Service Variable, Device ID or LUUP is.

Thanks for the reply.

Even simple actions like open door turn on light, close door turn it off require two separate scenes unless you are into coding. There really needs to be a built in way to create complex conditions.


Check out the new PLEG Beta … there’s a new tab … not implemented yet … but it will have what you want.