Mulitple PLEG instances

Curiosity question. I currently have PLEG managing a couple of “if/then” situations at my house. Each situation involves a set of devices. For ease Set 1 is Pleg turning off my dimmer switches when the go below 4% dim (people think they have turned off the switch but they havent) and Set 2 turns off lights after 2 hours if my day/night virtual switch is on the day setting. It works fine in the summer but in the winter I would like to temporarily stop Set 2 from firing. The only way I can tell to temporarily stop PLEG is by turning the switch to “bypass” on my dashboard. Is there a way to have 2 separate PLEG devices so that I can bypass Set 2 but leave Set 1 up and running?

Thanks and Happy Holidays.

You can create a schedule and add it to your condition. If the schedule is true, the condition will be true.

Unfortunately it can’t be on a schedule as I need to be able to turn that functionality off randomly as needed. Besides that would be a schedule for every device?

You can use a virtual switch as well.


[quote=“Cor, post:4, topic:200304”]You can use a virtual switch as well.


Yes… that’s it. Thanks.

I would like to create multiple PLG instances as recommended by RTS - is there any way to transfer selected things from an exising instance to a new one without re-coding everything?

In theory back-up and restore (restore into new instance), but I would recommend copy and paste instead…

I assume you mean backup/restore to new instance and delete what is not needed in the new instance?
I dont see how copy/paste is possible!


Save the status report as a PDF. You will want to do this anyhow - having the entire PLEG in readable form is very handy.

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