MQTT anyone ?

Has anyone looked into a MQTT client implementation on Vera ?

There’s a LUA MQTT client project up on GitHub that should provide a good basis … but wanted to ask here first .


An MQTT gateway/bridge plugin would be an interesting addition. Thought about it but am severely limited on time - would be happy to test if you put an implementation together, though.

I have a thought…

I think analytics, statistics/reporting (e.g. dataMine) should be outside HA/Vera, instead Vera could publish events (power, temperature,… etc) to a MQTT server outside Vera.
Then could subscribe on the events and store them for further handling.

For that MQTT Lua client could be used in Vera…

PS. Also a bit driven from that dataMine have been announced (temporarily?!) out of maintenance/development, …is it time to use Emoncms and join forces?! DS

MQTT is verry hot, now it is open source.

Http the internet of people and MQTT “the Internet of Things”

Finaly a fast communication standaard for sensors en homeautomation over ethernet


Have you guys tested the Lua MQTT client?

I am trying to get it running but have problems as described here:

Got it working with some hacks, please checked the thread above