MpMan Tablet warning : GetJar store

Hello, FYI,

Assuming getjar or mpman are returning zero result I opened this post.
I just bought a low-cost tablet from MpMan à 99€.

It’s a good device with Android 4, an awful camera and a low cost screen.
But it definetly worth the price.

But there is a biiig issue I didn’t notice before buying… There is no Google Play store !
Instead you get a strange shop named GetJar with far less Apps.
Didn’t found any Vera related Apps…

It looks like it’s possible to install it with a trick. (Installez le Play Store sur votre tablette MPMAN (gamme 2012))

But I will first look if it’s possible to install Apps directly, without passing through a store.

bye :slight_smile:

many Android developers provide the .apk file, which you can download and install directly, or you can check out the Amazon Appstore for Android (not sure if it’s available in Europe already or not yet) … there are also other 3rd party app stores.

Thanks for the reply. Although, I didn’t found any place to download apk files…
Looked on the Play Store, on this forum and on the apps.mios but didn’t found any APK file.

I found a few link inside topic on this forum but they were very old.

Any tips will be appreciated.


If you are looking for vera apps that you can download and install the apk here are a few choices:


You can find the link to the latest apk in this post:,11260.msg80886.html#msg80886


Scroll to the bottom of the first post for the link to apk files. You want AutHomationHD.

  • Garrett

Thanks ! Installed AutHomationHD and it work like a charm.
Good job !!